The Dark Ages are ending!

As you may have realized, we published our very last Alexander episode last week!
Now some of you might be wondering what to do now?

Well, I had hoped I’d be able to just transfer your Alexander subscriptions over to the new series, but, alas, the entrails from our last sacrifice portended bad omens in that regard.

So instead, you have a few options. Please read carefully.

1. If you’re a new monthly subscriber to Alexander, or you haven’t finished the series yet, just keep your subscription running and you’ll be fine. Nothing changes. If you also want to subscribe to the new Renaissance series and get in on the ground floor this time, just click here and register!

2. If you are on one of our monthly subscriptions, and you’ve finished with the Alexander series, you can cancel your subscription by clicking here and then click here and register for the new series.

3. If you are one of our annual subscribers on Alexander, and you want to get a credit on the new series, just email Cam and he’ll sort it out for you with a pro rata credit. Or if you want to donate your remaining credit and just sign up again fresh, of course you can do that to, click here and register for the new series.

Hopefully that’s all pretty simple but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

One thing to note: we won’t have the first Renaissance episode out until late December, but to test the subscription, I’ve thrown up an advertisement for our 2018 tour of Europe! Slots are nearly full, so don’t miss out!

Cameron & Ray