LEVEL 1. “Pezhetairoi”: The basic subscription level that you need to listen to the show is to become a Foot Companion, Macedonian basic infantry or Pezhetairoi, which made up the dreaded Macedonian phalanx. Joining the infantry costs $5 / mth or $60 / yr.

LEVEL 2.   “Hetairoi”: For those who want to contribute a little more, the medium subscription level is our heavy cavalry, known as the “Companion cavalry”, or Hetairoi – the elite arm of the Macedonian army. Being a Hetairoi costs $10 / mth or $120 / yr.

LEVEL 3.   “Diadochi”: The very top level of support is to become one of our generals – the Diadochi. The Macedonian generals carved the empire up after Alexander’s death (323 B.C.) and founded famous states and dynasties—guys like Antipater, Perdiccas, Ptolemy I, Seleucus I, Antigonus I, and Lysimachus. Becoming a Diadochi costs $20 / mth or $240 / yr.