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Alexander III of Macedon, aka “The Great”. We’ve all heard of him. He’s one of the most famous military leaders in all of history. But how much do you really know about his life and adventures?

Born in 356 BCE, tutored by Aristotle, he succeeded his father, Philip II, as king at the age of 20. To put that in perspective, Julius Caesar was 41 when he first commanded an army in Gaul and Napoleon Bonaparte was 30 when he became First Consul of France. By the time Alexander died, a mere 13 years later, he had built an empire that spanned two-thirds of the known world.

Why is he still remembered today as one of the great military geniuses?

How is his story relevant to the modern world?

Those are some of the questions we are going to ask ourselves and various guest scholars on this show. Like the rest of our historical series, we start at the beginning (actually, a little before that, with Philip) and tell a linear story covering the entire life and saga – and a little bit beyond.

Come with us on a 122 episode journey (130+ hours!) and understand this period of history – from Alexander’s father, Philip II of Macedon, through to Alexander’s successors, the Diadochi – like never before.


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#122 – The Last Show

Well, here we are. Three years, 122 episodes, some of which were a LOT longer than an hour, so probably around 130-140 hours of story. We started with 14 episodes covering the rise of Philip II of Macedon, aka Big Daddy Phil: his military innovations, his marriages, his cunning, the Battle of Chaeronea, and his assassination in 336 BCE. We

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#121 – Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves

The sixth and final battle of the Successors was fought at Corupedium, west of Sardis, in Feb 281. HOW TO LISTEN If you're already a subscriber, you can listen to the show below or subscribe through iTunes or any podcast player. If you're not a subscriber, please register. If you want to listen to the first episode for free, visit

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