The saga begins!

We kick off the new series talking about why Alexander The Great is worth discussing – cavalry commander at 16, king at 20, conqueror of Persia at 26, conquered two-thirds of the known world by the time of his death at 32, bore the shield of Achilles, never lost a battle, the Gordian Knot – and he had AWESOME HAIR. We also discuss his motivations – was he just a despotic conqueror or did he have a vision, inspired by Aristotle, to unite the world and stop the incessant warfare?

Then we talk about the sources for Alexander’s life – what do we know and how do we know it? What evidence is there for the stories about his life? We discuss the primary, secondary, tertiary, and oriental sources.

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The Music: We want to get down on our knees and worship the amazing and talented composer who offered us the use of one of his amazing tracks, “Hero”, as our theme music: Jofre Horta. He’s already a big deal in the composing world but he’s going to be even bigger – and you can say you heard him first on our little show!

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