Podcast App Instructions


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Different podcast apps use different methods for subscribing to a premium (eg paid) subscription podcast (life is never easy).

Please be careful to COPY the link we sent you and not CLICK it. That’s the most common mistake people make when trying to subscribe to the premium feeds.

If you can’t remember the feed you are supposed to use, refer here.

Here’s a few we have tested and found working with instructions.

iTunes (Windows):

  • Launch your iTunes program.
  • Click on either FILE or ADVANCED from the top pulldown menu (depending on which version of iTunes you are running)
  • Select Subscribe To Podcast
  • Copy the URL you received when you signed up and paste it into the URL window in iTunes
  • Click OK

iTunes (Mac):

  • Launch your iTunes program.
  • Click on the the FILE pulldown menu
  • Select Subscribe To Podcast
  • Copy the URL you received when you signed up and paste it into the URL window in iTunes
  • Click OK

Apple Podcasts App (iOS):

  • Copy the URL you received when you signed up.
  • Open the Podcasts app.
  • In the app, go to LIBRARY.
  • Click “EDIT” up in the top right corner.
  • Select “Add Podcast”
  • Paste the URL into the field that pops up.
  • Enter your username and password in the box that pops up.

Instacast (iOS):

You can subscribe to a podcast via its URL by pasting the URL into the search field.

Pocket Casts (iOS):

Enter the feed into the search bar with this structure (protip – leave the brackets out of your URL):  http://[username]:[password]@[feed].

Overcast (iOS):

Same feed format as Pocket Casts – http://[username]:[password]@[feed]

Downcast (iOS):

1. Open Downcast

2. Press Add on the bottom bar

3. Press Add Podcast Manually

4. In the Feed field, paste the feed URL in your email

5. Input your username and password below that

6. Hit “Subscribe”, top right of the screen.



We haven’t tested these (because we’re cool and have iPhones) but a few of our listeners have, so the following Android apps should work using the same https://[username]:[password]@[feed] format:

  • Pocket Casts
  • DoggCatcher
  • ACast
  • BeyondPod
  • Podcast Republic: Please subscribe the podcast first. Then open the individual podcast settings of that podcast. You can do this by opening the podcast and then the menu on the title bar. Once in the individual podcast settings, go to “Authentication” and select HTTPS authentication. It will ask for your username and password.

Player.FM does not support authentication at this point. Neither does Google Podcasts or castbox.

Podcast Addict:

  • If you’re running Podcast Addict v3.8 or later, press the main screen + button to add a new podcast. Then select the ‘RSS feed’ option.
  • You will then be able to enter the podcast RSS feed url. You will have to check the ‘Authentication’ checkbox and enter your login / password.
  • After validation the app will update the podast. You can change the login/password at any time by long pressing on the podcast, then selecting ‘Custom Settings’ and finally ‘Edit podcast url’.