It's late 333 BCE. Alexander faces Darius on the battlefield for the first time! He's outnumbered – 3 to 1 or even 11 to 1, depending on which source you believe. What does he do? He stands firm and fights, because he is Alexander. If you've ever wondered why he deserves the epithet “The Great”, this is where you find out. In fact, we don't think that does him justice. From now on, he will be know as “Alexander the Motherfucker”.


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The Music: We want to get down on our knees and worship the amazing and talented composer who offered us the use of one of his amazing tracks, “Hero”, as our theme music: Jofre Horta. He's already a big deal in the composing world but he's going to be even bigger – and you can say you heard him first on our little show! Listen to his whole album on Spotify or iTunes.