In this glorious episode, we are STILL talking about Philip but! BUT! Good news y'all – Alexander makes his first (albeit small) appearance. He's 14! The good news is that he's going to become a bigger part of the story very soon.

So other news in this episode:

  • Philip is still trying to keep the peace with Athens and Thebes, although they are both pretty angry with him
  • Athens refuses to send a delegation to the Pythian Games, so Philip threatens them with another Sacred War
  • Demosthenes gives more speeches telling everyone how clever he is
  • We talk about Arcadia, Pan, nymphomaniacs and feats of engineering
  • Philip hires Aristotle to be Alexander's tutor
  • And he gets some sucky letters from Speusippus and Isocrates
  • Aeschines calls Demosthenes a pussy
  • Philip nearly gets killed, breaks a collarbone and/or a leg
  • He installs Olympias' brother (and therefore Alexander's uncle) on the throne of Epirus
  • Philocrates goes into exile
  • Antiphon tries to burn down the Athenian navy
  • And, finally – Philip decides to invade Thrace



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