On this TWO AND A HALF HOUR episode, we go insane.

I mean it – this is literally the most insane episode you’ve ever heard. WHY DO WE DO IT TO OURSELVES???

So – what happens in this episode?

  • We cover the years 352 – 346 BCE
  • Philip attacks Thrace because Athens had done a deal with the king and he didn’t want Athens controlling the coastline.
  • He threatens Olynthus with a story for trying to broker a deal with Athens.
  • He invades Epirus.
  • He’s only 30.
  • The Olynthians offer refuge to his stepbrothers. He demands their surrender. They refuse. He invades the Chalcidice in 349.
  • He doesn’t attack Olynthus directly – he attacked the other members of the league and isolates Olynthus.
  • He razes Aristotle’s birthplace (which he later rebuilds to get Aristotle to mentor Alexander).
  • Athens sends Chares to support them but by the time he gets there, Philip has moved to Thessaly. Chares goes home.
  • In March 348, Philip returns to Chalcidice. Athens sends Charidemus.
  • Finally Philip lays siege to Olynthus. Athens sends Chares again. It takes them 40 days to be able to sail due to bad weather. By the time Chares gets there, it’s too late. Philip razes Olynthus to the ground.
  • Philip then seeks peace with Athens. Why? Probably so they won’t unite with Thebes against him.
  • Philocrates proposes sending an embassy to Philip. This is just before he destroys Olynthus. When that happens, Eubulus convinces them to send embassies to all of the Greek states call for a war against Philip.
  • In 347, the Phocians invade Boeotia, forcing Thebes to ask Philip for support.
  • He sends a small force with Parmenion.
  • The Phocians enlist Athens and Sparta to surrender the three towns that control Thermopylae.
  • In 346, Athens sent a new peace embassy to Philip. They want Phocis and Thrace included in the deal as their allies. Philip refuses. He offers to protect the Phocians and return Athenian prisoners.
  • Then he heads to Thrace.
  • Athens votes to accept the peace terms. They go back to Pella but Philip isn’t there – he’s besieging Thrace. They wait for him in Pella.
  • He finally comes back, sees them last. They sign the deal.
  • Then they hear the Phocians had given Thermopylae over to Philip.
  • He’s defeated Thrace AND done a deal with Phocis.
  • Philip controls the Amphictyonic Council. They punish Phocis and kick Sparta out of the league.
  • In 13 years, Philip has become the most powerful man in Greece.
  • And Cam goes on little rants about the goddess Athena and Hades.

YEAH. And we play some songs, read some reviews and thank our lovely ARMY.

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