Cassander needs to act quickly to stablise his territories in Greece. So in the summer of 315, while Antigonus is still busy laying siege to Tyre, he re-invades the Peloponnese with the help of 50 of Ptolemy’s ships. Then he sends his most trusted general Prepelaus south to do a deal with Alexander, flipping him away from Antigonus. He was named “General of the Peloponnese” – which is also the title his father holds. Which makes seating arrangements at Christmas dinner a real bitch. But the household staff don't need to worry long, because Alexander doesn't survive long. In his stead, there rises another kickass Macedonian woman – his wife, known to history only as Cratesipolis.


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The Music: We want to get down on our knees and worship the amazing and talented composer who offered us the use of one of his amazing tracks, “Hero”, as our theme music: Jofre Horta. He's already a big deal in the composing world but he's going to be even bigger – and you can say you heard him first on our little show! Listen to his whole album on Spotify or iTunes.